Ozone therapy is found to be beneficial in a trial involving patients with fibromyalgia

Sixty-five patients (55 females) with fibromyalgia were treated at the MEDE Clinic (Sacile, Pordenone, Italy) from February 2016 to October 2018. Treatment was made by autohemotransfusion in 55 patients and by ozone rectal insufflations in 10 patients twice a week for one month and then twice a month as maintenance therapy.

A significative improvement (>50% of symptoms) was found in 45 patients (70%) with no reported side effects.

This is the largest study of patients with fibromyalgia treated with ozone therapy reported in the literature so far. The authors concluded that ozone therapy "to be proposed to patients with fibromyalgia that are not obtaining adequate results from other available treatments".

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