Blood/Urine/Saliva/Stool  testing

We have partnered with some of the best testing laboratories in the world to offer a comprehensive range of functional testing. Please follow the links below for the tests we offer. If you know the test you need and you have a clinician to help you interpret the results (which can be a complex process, see a copy of the nutritional assessment test), we can simply facilitate ordering the test for you for a small fee to cover sample collection and postal. We also offer advisory service on what to test for and interpreting the results.

Please follow the links below to find the test you are interested in, the prices are the exact price of the test; these need to be directly paid to the lab by the client (information will be provided) + £50 for sample collection and postal. The results will come to us and we will email them to you if you decide to interpret your own results or get your clinician to do this for you.  


Please email us your requirements.