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special drips

amino acids, concentrated minerals etc

We have a number of specialty infusions. These are accessible after an assessment. They are used in certain clinical situations where there is a confirmed deficiency or in cases of reduced oral intake.



1- Concentrated Multi-Mineral-5 which consists of 5 essential micronutrients that are essential for body function. These are: Chrome (40 mcg), Copper (4 mg), Manganese (1 mg), Selenium (200 mcg), Zinc (10 mg). 

2- Aminoacid Cocktails: This cocktail is a comprehensive list of amino acids to help in situations of increased metabolic demand and to help tissue repair. The cocktail includes a variety of essential amino acids such as L-tryptophane (60 mg), L-histidine (90mg), L-isoleucine (150mg), L-Arginine (360mg), Glycine (420 mg), L-Alanine (450 mg), L-Proline (450 mg), L-methionine (129mg), L-threonine (132 mg), L-phenylalanine (153 mg), L-valine (186mg), L-leucine (222mg), L-lysine (198mg). It also includes zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium to enable a proper utilisation of the amino acids.  ​

3- other infusions are available based on the clinical situation e.g Mistletoe injections, please ask for details. 

4- Neural Infusion Therapy: PROCAINE-BASE-INFUSIONS. This is a well known infusion using procain, a local anaesthetic, that has been around for tens of years to help with a variety of conditions including chronic pain, chronic inflammation, degenerative brain conditions and migraine to name just a few. Please read this blog for more information. 

Unique features

The speciality infusions are medical interventions and require an assessment and knowledge of the medical intricate details. Our medical expertise allow us to advise on these infusions and deliver them to the highest clinical standards. For example: Selenium is Powerful antioxidant (2000x Vitamin C), Zinc is essential for immunity and healing of wounds, Copper prevents bone loss, improves skin elasticity and heart muscle, Chrome maintains carbohydrate metabolism and preserves peripheral nerve function, Manganese is important for cell regeneration and to maintain the immune system.



prices & Bookings

Each Speciality infusion is delivered via an IV drip over 30 - 60 minutes - £250.

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