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Leicester Ozone Clinic at Eastgate Therapy Centre in Leicester


about us


Leicester Ozone Clinic (LOC) is based in Leicester city centre. We specialise in Ozone Therapy and IV Nutrients. We also operate a separate private GP clinic called "Leicester Holistic GP". 


Why Choose us?


- We are regulated by the Department of Health Care Quality Commission (CQC). According to the Uk medical laws, injectable therapies are medical interventions that require the appropriate approvals.


- We are 100% clinical service, we do not mix medicine with cosmetics. All therapies are planed and directly delivered by medically qualified professionals who currently work in the NHS. 

- We offer a personalized one-to-one service, and as part of our commitment to maintaining your privacy, we ensure that only one client is accommodated in the clinic room at any given time, unless they are friends or family members. .

- We follow best practices endorsed by scientific communities and international societies, e.g The German Ozone Society (, Russian Ozone Society (

- We take the risk of blood-bourn infections extremely seriously. There is a real inherent risk of cross-infection in any procedure that involves accessing blood and body fluids. This is best demonstrated by the large scale outbreak of hepatitis B infection among clients attending a clinic for ozone therapy between 1997 and 1998. The findings of the investigation were published in the Lancet in 2000 (Link). As part of the CQC registration, our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for IV therapies are aligned with the best infection control practices. We operate "closed-loop systems" where sterile single-use disposable items are employed and we ensure that our ozone machines are completely independent and never integrated into any circuit that handles blood or bodily fluids.

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