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about us

Leicester Ozone Clinic (LOC) is the first ozone therapy centre in Leicestershire. We are a group of like-minded doctors who share an interest in certain forms of complementary medicine that offer real clinical value. We specialise in medical ozone therapy and certain intravenous therapeutics. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase awareness of the useful clinical applications of medical ozone. We aim to provide honest opinion to empower patients to make informed decisions. 

what make us different?

  1. Clinically-led: All Our treatments are planned and delivered by Doctors.

  2. High levels of clinical safety: We specialise in complementary therapies involving intravenous (i.v) access. We have robust policies in place to ensure the highest levels of safety.

  3. Evidence-Based: We carefully examine the evidence underpinning the therapies we provide and give our "straight to the point" honest verdict.   

  4. No pressure direct approach: We use personal and direct interaction. Email us your requirements and a clinician will directly contact you.  

  5. Innovative: We research solutions for patients with chronic ill-health.