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about us

Leicester Ozone Clinic (LOC) is the first comprehensive Oxidative Medicine centre in Leicestershire, exclusively run by a team of medically qualified consultants. Oxidative Medicine is based on the principle of balancing oxidants & anti-oxidants to reduce the "oxidative stress”. Chronic low grade oxidative stress is the underlying mechanism for ageing and has also been linked to most chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, dementia, diabetes, depression, arthritis and cancers. 


We use Ozone and specifically selected i.v therapeutics to achieve these therapeutic goals. We also use our naturopathic knowledge to advice on diet aspect e.g anti-inflammatory diet and gut microbiota manipulation and optimisation to achieve a better balance of the oxidants & anti-oxidants and subsequently control the chronic subclinical inflammation


what makes us different?

  1. Clinically-led: All Our treatments are planned and delivered by Doctors.

  2. High levels of clinical safety: We specialise in complementary therapies involving intravenous (i.v) access. We have robust policies in place to ensure the highest levels of safety.

  3. Evidence-Based: We carefully examine the evidence underpinning the therapies we provide and give our "straight to the point" honest verdict.   

  4. No pressure direct approach: We use personal and direct interaction. Email us your requirements and a clinician will directly contact you.  

  5. Innovative: We research solutions for patients with chronic ill-health. 


Our Service

We specialise in offering alternative solutions for:

1. Chronic Fatigue and post viral syndromes;

2. Mental health e.g resistant depression and "Brain Fog"; 

3. Chronic pain and Fibromyalgia; 

4. Persistent and recurring infections. 

Our advanced interventions may help you to:

1. Improve your energy levels and resilience;

2. Live pain-free; 

3. Bullet-proof your immune system;

4. Rejuvenate physically and mentally. 

We offer a FREE initial consultation so you know your options before committing to any therapy. We will also signpost you to other forms of life style changes if we feel they can be beneficial to you.