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Dr Ghassan Hamad

GP, Functional Medicine and Ozone Therapist



Dr Hamad qualified in 1995 as a medical doctor. He started his training in hospitals, progressing to a senior level in rheumatology before changing direction to general practice. Over the past years Dr Hamad developed expertise in natural therapies and established Leicester Holistic clinic. His passion is to support motivated individuals to improve their health and wellbeing using non-pharmacological methods. 


Dr Hamad is a member of the British Society for Ecological Medicine; he was recently certified in environmental and nutritional medicine by the the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM). Dr Hamad is also trained in ozone applications; he is a member of the German Ozone Society and also a member of the Association of the Russian Ozone Therapists. 

Please book your initial assessment consultation (face to face or telephone/video). This is required before starting any therapy. In the consultation, Dr Hamad will gather the required information and propose a therapy plan which may include lifestyle changes, supplements, functional testing, specific injectable therapies or a referral to another functional medicine doctor. 


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Dr Mohamed Rwemi
Anaesthesia Specialist Doctor and Ozone Therapist 
I qualified as a medical doctor 25 years ago, pursuing a career in anaesthesia, pain management and intensive care, which I have practised for the last 22 years. In recent years, I have been attracted to the amazing health outcomes achieved through applying lifestyle interventions and complementary / ecological / functional medicine. Equipped with my background medical knowledge, a colleague and I started exploring this field, researching the currently available complementary therapies and critically appraising the evidence in a structured way. I decided to offer therapies that are effective based on my interpretation of the science, yet they are not widely accessible. 
I am passionate about offering may Naturopath knowledge to people who wish to improve or maintain wellness, prevent illnesses and/or seek recovery from their chronic health conditions.

Affiliation  Member of the German Medical Association of Ozone Application in Prevention & Therapy Member of the British Society for Ecological Medicine