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Vitamin B1

High Dose B1



Vitamin B1, which is called Thiamine, is the earliest vitamin B to be discovered; it is probably the most underrated vitamin despite its pivotal role in health. Vitamin B1 deficiency is prevalent nowadays due to high carbohydrate intake. It is required in large amounts in people who consume a lot of carbohydrate and sugars. B1 deficiency is known as "Beri Beri" which results in a combination of neurological and cardiovascular symptoms. B1 is also required in large amounts in people consuming alcohol. Insufficient B1 levels can lead to various symptoms including fatigue, nerve damage and brain damage, POTS syndrome and heart failure. Vitamin B1 is the only form of vitamin administered intravenously in hospital settings to people who are admitted with high alcohol intake or who are malnourished. This is in order to prevent neurological damage from the lack of this important vitamin. 

You can choose from 2 forms of vitamin B1:

1- Vitamin B1 megadose shot, 200 mg. This is a quick shot in the muscle. 

2- A mixture of B1 as above and a unique form of vitamin B1 called Thiamine Tetrahydrofurfuryl Disulfide (TTFD) as IV drip. This form was developed by Japanese researchers and remains almost unknown in the west despite its powerful properties. We administer a megadose of this vitamin with the standard B1 (Thiamine Hydrochloride) in this pure B1 infusion. This can be useful for a variety of conditions as you can see from this this link.  

Unique features

At Leicester Ozone Clinic, we source our vitamins B1 from one of the most reputable manufacturer. 

prices & Bookings


- Megadose Vitamin B1, 200 microgram: £50 / i.m. or subcutaneous injection. 

- Combined megadose B1 200 mg with TTDF 50 mg: £250 i.v drip

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