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Amino-acid Cocktail drips

This cocktail is a comprehensive list of amino acids to help in situations of increased metabolic demand and to help tissue repair. The cocktail includes a variety of essential amino acids that are needed for optimal health. This drip is designed for people with reduce protein intake or who need more help with nutrition for better tissue repair e.g after surgery or trauma. 


L-tryptophane (60 mg), L-histidine (90mg), L-isoleucine (150mg), L-Arginine (360mg), Glycine (420 mg), L-Alanine (450 mg), L-Proline (450 mg), L-methionine (129mg), L-threonine (132 mg), L-phenylalanine (153 mg), L-valine (186mg), L-leucine (222mg), L-lysine (198mg). It also includes zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium to enable a proper utilisation of the amino acids.  ​

Unique features

This speciality infusions is a medical interventions and require an assessment and knowledge of the medical intricate details. Our medical expertise allow us to advise on these infusions and deliver them to the highest clinical standards. We source our ingredients carefully and administer them in hospital-level standards. 



prices & Bookings

 IV drip over 30 - 60 minutes - £250. 

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