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Mood-Lifting drip

This is a combination of amino-acids and electrolytes to help balance the brain neurotransmitter to induce relaxation. The Mood-Lifting Drip consists of 6 separate ampules: 5 of those are mixed together on-site by the clinician and administered as a single infusion in 250 ml Saline solution, the 6th ampule is taken orally


1- N-acetyl-L-tyrosine 500 mg i.v (the precursor of Dopamine- the happiness neurotransmitter)
2- Phenylalanine 250 mg i.v (the precursor of Noradrenaline- the motivation neurotransmitter)
3- L-Arginine 2 g i.v (causes relaxation by causing generalised dilatation of the blood vessels)
4- Taurine 1000 mg i.v (inhibitory neurotransmitter for calming effect)
5- Glycine 1000 mg 1.v (inhibitory neurotransmitter for calming effect). The Glycin ampule also contains the following electrolytes for enhanced muscle relaxation: Magnesium chloride (0.42 mmol Mg2+), calcium chloride (0.41 mmol Ca2+), potassium chloride (0.2 mmol K+)
6- L-Carnitine 1g dinking Ampule (improves energy production and vitality) 

Unique features


The ingredients are carefully selected to provide the building blocks of the desirable brain neurotransmitters to induce relaxation. It also contains other ingredients to help combat stress utilising different modes of action. 


prices & Bookings

The Mood-Lifting drip: £300 / i.v drip over 30 minutes infusion time.

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