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Mineral Cocktail drips

Minerals are as important as vitamins for optimum body function. Some minerals are easily obtained from diet, e.g calcium, sodium. Some minerals are rare and not redily available from refined food. These rare trace minerals have an important role to play in various body functions. They can be deficient in certain clinical situation of malnourishment e.g after prolonged illness or surgery.


This dip contains 5 important rare trace elements: Selenium is important for immunity and protection from cancers. Selenium is also a powerful antioxidant (2000x Vitamin C). Zinc is essential for immunity and healing of wounds. Copper prevents bone loss, improves skin elasticity and heart muscle. Chrome maintains carbohydrate metabolism and preserves peripheral nerve function. Manganese is important for cell regeneration and to maintain the immune system.


Chrome (40 mcg),

- Copper (4000 mcg),

- Manganese (1000 mcg),

- Selenium (200 mcg),

- Zinc (10,000 mcg). 

Unique features

The speciality infusions are medical interventions and require an assessment and knowledge of the medical intricate details.


prices & Bookings

Multi-mineral IV drip over 30 - 60 minutes - £250. 

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