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Vitamin B12

High Dose B12



Vitamin B12 deficiency is prevalent due to inadequate dietary intake (such as among vegans) or due to poor absorption (as seen in pernicious anemia). Insufficient B12 levels can lead to various symptoms including fatigue, dizziness, anemia, blood count disorders, tingling in the hands and feet due to nerve damage, muscle weakness, difficulties with memory and concentration, depressed mood, and even dementia.


The most commonly used injectable form of vitamin B12 is hydroxocobalamine, typically provided by a general practitioner for severe B12 deficiency. Hydroxocobalamine needs to be converted in the body to the active forms which are Methylcobalamine and Adenosylcobalamine. Some people are unable to activate B12 as a result of a genetic deficiency. This is why we have added the option of choosing the active form of B12 instead of the standard form of B12 (See below for ingredients and prices)

- Vitamin B12 megadose shot, 5000 microgram.


- Triple B12 megadose shot with a total of 5000 micrograms: A combination of 2 active B12 forms in megadoses (Methylcobalamine 2000 micrograms and Adenosylcobalamine 2000 micrograms) and Hydroxocobalamine 1000 microgram.

- Ultrahigh dose of Adenosylcobalamine 10,000 micrograms. Adenosylcobalamine is the factive form of B12 that is suitable for mitochondrial use. This is more suitable for people looking to boost their mitochondrial energy production. 

Unique features

1- At Leicester Ozone Clinic, we source our vitamins B12 from one of the most reputable manufacturer. 

2- W
e use a megadose of B12 (5000 - 10,000 micrograms) which is safe and more effective than standard doses (which is usually 1000 microgram of Hydroxocobalamin). 

3- We offer activated vitamin B12 in more than one form. 


prices & Bookings

Vitamin B12 can be administered by intramuscular (IM) or subcutaneous (SC) route. Because the metabolism of B12 is closely linked to that of folate, please consider adding folic acid to your therapy plan.

Megadose Vitamin B12, 5000 microgram: £50 / i.m. or subcutaneous injection. 

Megadose Triple Active Vitamin B12, total 5000 microgram: £100 / i.m. or subcutaneous injection. 

Ultrahigh dose Active Vitamin B12, 10,000 microgram: £150 / i.m. or subcutaneous injection. 

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