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slimming drip

The "Fat Burner Drip"

The slimming drip with its high doses L-Carnitine helps weight loss by improving metabolism and energy generation from fat and carbs. The Fat Burner drip has been used to aid weight loss, fatigue and to improve performance alongside other dietary interventions and exercise.


L- Carnitine 1000 mg

Unique features

- We source our L-Carnitine from an international pharmaceutical company. 


- In contrast to most available "Fat-Burning" infusions we only use the active ingredient L-Carnitine in much higher concentrations. L-Carnitine is what has been shown by research to halp with fat metabolism and increasing the muscle mass. The commercially available fat-burning infusions tend to have a cocktail of vitamins and minerals that have very little role in metabolism, or, they can be easily obtained from food or oral supplements. Instead of diluting the effect of the main active ingredient (i.e L-Carnitine) with other less important ingredients we only administer pure L-Carnitine in megadoses (1000 mg which is at least 5 times higher than what most clinics offer). 


prices & Bookings

L-Carnitine 1000 mg IV drip over 30 minutes - £250.

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