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eczema drip

This drip is specially formulated to help people with skin eczema in addition to any therapy they already use. It contain 2 natural ingredient that reduce skin inflammation and improve healing. Zinc is a natural anti-inflammatory to help soothe swollen and itchy skin. It also helps your body produce epithelium — a new layer of skin to cover your wounds. Although more research is needed, studies show that zinc supplements could treat and prevent eczema flare-ups. IV therapy can deliver a boost of zinc to replenish your system and help your skin recover. Vitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol or D-Panthenol) on the other hand has multiple pharmacological effects and has been employed to treat various skin disorders such as eczema. Dexpanthenol improves skin barrier function, reduces acute and frequent flares and reduces the need for steroids. (reference). Dexpanthenol is already in use as an active ingredient in ointments or emollients for the treatment and maintenance of eczema. 


- High dose vitamin B5 (D-Panthenol) 1000 mg. 

- Zinc 20 mg.

Unique features

- We use higher dose medical grade components from reputable international pharmaceutical companies.

- This cocktail is based in sound clinical evidence and it is rarely available in the UK. 


prices & Bookings

The Eczema Drip is administered as an infusion over 30 minutes.
The Eczema Drip is £250 with package discounts, please check our prices section.

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