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Vitamin C



Vitamin c is an all rounder: It maybe useful to boost the immune system to help the body to fight resistant infections and maybe useful with Glutathione for skin brightening / skin lightening as well as for improving the skin structure.

Vitamin c in very high doses has been used as a supportive measure in the area of cancer complementary and alternative therapy. However the vitamin c doses needed in the context of cancer complementary and alternative therapy is very high, up to 1 gram of vitamin c per 1 kg of body weight or even higher.  At Leicester Ozone Clinic we have the technical ability and the clinical knowledge to deliver such high doses of vitamin c. Our vitamin c  blog will provide more information about this form of therapy. 


Vitamin C is delivered by the intramuscular or subcutaneous route for small doses but for high doses it can only be given by a drip. This is because Vitamin c absorption is poor and there is a limit to how much you can achieve by taking very high oral doses. For certain conditions, the concentration needed in the blood is way above what can be achieved orally, hence the need for IV infusions.


Ascorbic acid (Vitamin c) - various doses 


prices & Bookings
The price of vitamin C is dose-dependant. 1 gram (1000 mg) costs £10. Please check our pricing page for details

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