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derma- health drip

The anti-aging skin infusion


Unlike aesthetic procedures, Derma-Health infusion with a combination of high dose vitamin c to help build collagen and Glutathione, the master body's anti-oxidant, are designed to rejuvenate your internally and externally. In addition, vitamin c and Glutathione are traditionally used for skin brightening / Skin lightening.

Please note that as a complementary health clinic  our min aim is to offer this combination for skin health and detox as opposite to altering the skin colour (although skin lightening / brightening may inadvertently happen with high dose and frequent infusions of the Derma Health drip).


- High dose vitamin c drip 10,000 mg (important for collagen synthesis)

- Glutathione as a powerful antioxidant - high dose of 1200 mg. 

- Biotin 5 mg and B5 500 mg (IM) for an added effect hair and nails. 

Unique features


- Most clinics offer vitamin c and glutathione. We have added 2 more optional ingredients for skin, hair and nails health: Biotin and vitamin B5 (BEPANTHENE).  

- We use higher dose of "Reduced" glutathione: 1200 mg. 


prices & Bookings

The vitamin c of Derma-Health infusion is administer in a drip over 20 minutes and Glutathione is given as an IV push over several minutes. Biotin and B5 are given intramuscularly. 
The Derma Health is £200 for the vitamin c + Glutathione. Biotin and B5 are optional extras, £50 each.

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